aug 17 | Libbie is currently working on a new project called MIDEAU . She also recently sang with David Archuleta on his 2012 album Begin.

There are currently no upcoming Libbie Linton shows. The following shows are Mideau performances.
fri 30 nov β€˜12 Provo, UT Velour 6:30 PM buy tickets and 9:30 PM buy tickets
thu 6 dec β€˜12 Logan, UT WhySound 7:30 PM

About Libbie

Libbie Linton is a mild-mannered, soft-spoken type who likes math and limeade. She learned how to whistle when she was 3-years old, sitting cross-legged on the floor of her bedroom. When she was in kindergarten, she started memorizing the words to popular songs and singing them quietly to herself. Around this time, she happened to catch the campfire scene from The Jerk in which Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters sing a lovely rendition of the old Billy Rose & Lee David classic, β€œTonight You Belong to Me”. From this point forward, the dream was to sing this song for an audience, which has since been accomplished. Early influences led to a proclivity for progressive folk themes and for writing unique, memorable, and literate songs. more »

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